C. K. McClatchy

Class of 1966 Scholarships


Welcome to the C. K. McClatchy High School Class of 1966 Scholarships! 

Alumni and friends of the C. K. McClatchy Class of 1966 award these scholarships annually to seniors who plan to attend a two-year or four-year college or university the following fall.

2018 Scholarships -

One or more scholarships of at least $1,000 will be awarded in 2018.  The deadline for submitting an application is midnight April 4, 2018. 

Please read the Eligibility page, which explains the eligibility requirements, the application requirements, and the selection process.

Then click on the Application page for instructions and the application form.

Previous Scholarships -

The first C. K. McClatchy Class of ’66 Scholarships were awarded in 2011.  Click Awards to view videos or pictures of all previous awardees.  In 2017, scholarships of $1,250 each were given to Maria Amaya, Hunter “Jessie” Brown, Clara Ginnell, Sara Shimizu, and Steven Gabriel. 

Donations -

Would you like to donate to the scholarship fund?  If so, please click on the link.

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