The scholarship is open to graduating McClatchy seniors who will be attending a two- or four-year college or university in the fall following graduation.

The applicant should have:

  1. a 3.0 or greater GPA;

  2. a commitment to continuing his/her education; and

  3. financial need.

Application DEADLINE:

Applications are due by May 15, 2020.  Please send an email to mcclatchy66scholarship@gmail.com when your application is complete, and we will instruct you on how to get it to us.  Do not take it to McClatchy

The awards committee will read and evaluate all applications.  GPA is only one determining factor.  Consideration also will be given to the applicants’ demonstrated commitment to their interests and passions, community service, plans to give back to the community in the future, and financial need.  The committee may, at its discretion, have phone or in-person interviews with the candidates.

Selection Process:

Please submit any questions you have regarding eligibility or the application or selection process via email to mcclatchy66scholarship@gmail.com