Graduating McClatchy seniors who will be attending a two- or four-year college or university in the following fall are eligible.

The applicant should have:

  1. a 3.0 or greater GPA;

  2. a commitment to continuing his/her education; and

  3. financial need.

Application requirements:

You must submit:

  1. 1. A completed application form that includes:

  1. the names and business email addresses for two people who have agreed to write letters of recommendation for you.  The Scholarship Committee will contact these people directly to provide instructions.  The due date for their recommendation letters is April 11, 2018.

  1. an essay explaining what you plan to study and why, your career goals, and the financial importance of receiving a scholarship, plus information about your school activities, outside interests and activities, volunteer work, paid work, family, and responsibilities at home.

  1. 2.An unofficial student transcript that includes the fall semester of your senior year.

Applications must be submitted by midnight on Wednesday, April 4, 2018 by email to mcclatchy66scholarship@gmail.com.  In the subject line, please write:  Your last name and Scholarship Application (for example, Robertson Scholarship Application). 

The awards committee will read and evaluate all applications.  GPA is only one determining factor.  Consideration also will be given to the applicants’ demonstrated commitment to their interests and passions, community service, plans to give back to the community in the future, and financial need.  The committee may, at its discretion, have phone or in-person interviews with the candidates.

Selection Process:

Please submit any questions you have regarding eligibility or the application or selection process via email to mcclatchy66scholarship@gmail.com