To apply:

  1. 1.Choose one of the four formats below, then download and complete the application form.  A completed form will include:

  1. The names and email addresses of two (2) individuals who will write your letters of recommendation.  Your references should be teachers or employers (paid or volunteer), or someone who serves in some other official capacity.  References must submit emails from an OFFICIAL BUSINESS email address that has the school, school district, or business after the @ character.  Public email addresses (for example: gmail, yahoo, hotmail, aol, etc.) will not be accepted.

  1. An essay that explains what you plan to study and why, your career goals, and the financial importance of receiving a scholarship, plus information about your school activities, outside interests and activities, volunteer work, paid work, family, and responsibilities at home.

  1. 2.Obtain a copy of your unofficial student transcript.  Be sure it includes the fall semester of your senior year and is readable.

  1. 3.Email your completed application, including both your application form and your transcript to no later than midnight on April 4, 2018.  In the subject line, please write:  Your last name and Scholarship Application (for example, Robertson Scholarship Application).

The application is available in the following four (4) formats:

  1. Word Doc

  2. PDF

  3. Pages

  4. Text