To apply:

  1. 1. Download one of the two application forms available below. 

Complete the form, including an essay that explains the financial importance of receiving a scholarship, what you plan to study and why, your career goals, and information about your school activities, outside interests and activities, volunteer work, paid work, family, and responsibilities at home.

  1. 2. Ask two people to provide you with written letters of recommendation (allow plenty of time for this step). 

Your references should be teachers, employers (paid or volunteer), or someone who serves in some official capacity.  We discourage letters of recommendation from family members, neighbors, friends of your family.  Provide each of your references with a copy of the Instructions for Writers of Letters of Recommendation.

  1. 3.Obtain a copy of your unofficial student transcript. 

Be sure that it includes grades for the fall semester of your senior year and is readable.

  1. 4. When you have completed your application packet, choose one of these options for delivery

For paper packets:

  1.   Turn it in to the College and Career Center at McClatchy or

  2.   Send via USPS (Post Office). If you choose this option, allow plenty of time for delivery before the deadline.  The mailing address is:

McClatchy Class of ’66 Scholarship

ATTN:  Kenneth Evans

P.O Box 22610

Sacramento, CA 95822-0610

For email packets:  Send to

Your completed application packet must be in our hands by May 6, 2022.  We will notify you by email when we have received your application.  Please email us if you have any problems getting letters of recommendation or transcripts. 

    The application form is available in the following two (2) formats:

  1. Word

  2. PDF

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS: You may submit either a paper or an electronic application packet.  Choose one or the other as mixed packets (some paper items and some emailed items) will not be accepted.  Your packet must include a completed application form, an essay, a transcript, and two letters of recommendation.  All items must arrive together.